How could I forget you?

I was almost ready to go to bed, and I just wanted to check one final thing on my computer. I opened my laptop and my eyes just went over to the little box with flowers painted on top of it that has been sitting on my desk for a few days now. That box… Read More How could I forget you?

I miss you

My little Holly, I miss you more than ever. I keep thinking of the beautiful moments spent together and the way you filled my heart. Every evening I can’t stop thinking about the way you always called me to come to bed, and then run on the stairs super quick almost making me fall every… Read More I miss you

15 years ago

I just realized that this blog might be the oldest digital asset I own. I started using the ‘net before the internet, at a time when users connected to local computers to share messages, files, etc. Then the internet came and my online life started growing at a faster pace. And with that, my digital… Read More 15 years ago