I miss you

My little Holly, I miss you more than ever. I keep thinking of the beautiful moments spent together and the way you filled my heart. Every evening I can’t stop thinking about the way you always called me to come to bed, and then run on the stairs super quick almost making me fall every single time. And how in recent times, after your surgery, you used to call me while waiting for me on the stairs, with your little cute tongue on the side, meowing and looking at me. And then you would wait for me on the bed, usually on top of your mom. I miss the times when you were feeling well and you used to eat your food before bed, and then came to bed licking your paws and sitting right in the middle of my legs. I did not want to disturb you and I always tried to lay down leaving a space for you, and a space for George. And even if I used to wake up during the night because of the discomfort of the position, I always fell asleep again just by looking at you peacefully sleeping close to me.

The last few months spent with you have been so intense. Taking care of you has never been a challenge, but has always been one of the nicest moments of the day. When I could take you on my lap and feed you or pet you, when I used to clean your face, and use the brush on your fur while you were purring.

I know that cats can’t live long, but somehow I always hoped you would have stayed with me forever. And for sure I always hoped I could have spent many more years with you. Why life decided to take you away after only 10 years spent together. It is so unbelievable that you are not here with me now. It is so painful to know that I will never see your face again or hear your meow again. I just hope you felt loved all the time, I hope you realized how much I loved you and how much I fought until the end to give you more time and more happiness. And if I have one regret, is that I would have wanted to be on your side until the very end…but I understand that this would have caused you more suffering and that most likely it would have been something I was doing for me, more than for you.

Life goes on in a blink of an eye. I just wish I could blink now and see you again.


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