Life before internet

Next week I will start teaching Cyberlaw at Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego. This will be a wonderful experience for me. I love teaching and meeting smart and interesting students. I also have a deep passion for technology and the way it interacts with law. While preparing my notes for the first… Read More Life before internet

Good old Usenet

Maybe most of the internet users nowadays do not even know what Usenet is or maybe they just think that Usenet is the place where they can download illegal movies and songs. But Usenet is more than that, it’s a magical place where you can meet fantastic people and where you can discuss about almost… Read More Good old Usenet

Effetto Berkeley?

  Che questo sia l’effetto del vivere a Berkeley? No, non vi preoccupate, è solo una simpatica foto creata grazie al sito internet Yearbookyourself. In sostanza il sito internet vi permette di aggiungere una vostra foto e di vedere il vostro volto trasformato in quello di uno studente americano, dagli anni ’50 ai giorni nostri.… Read More Effetto Berkeley?