I’m back, baby!

I have to say that this surprises me the same way it may surprise you, my dear reader.

As I said in the previous post, it had been a while since my last time writing something here and something more in general. Yes, I write almost daily: emails, social media posts, etc. But I completely stopped writing something in my own space here and something that takes the shape of a full blog post.

Just the idea that I have been writing now for three days straight makes me happy. You might say: “what are you talking about…we see only two new posts here, not three. Are you cheating?” Well, my dear reader, you are right that there are only two posts here. I have written the third one yesterday using a journaling app on my iPhone, but I almost immediately put the idea of writing in an app on the side. It’s because writing here has a different feeling. First, I may get some comment from you! But also because I know that whatever I write here stays here, and I can come back and re-read again. The app I used today might soon become one of the many apps I have been using during my entire life, one of those that are forgotten, lost in old versions of the operative system of the device I am currently using. But the web never dies, at least that’s what I hope for, and therefore this space will never die.

Anyhow, I am super excited about this continuous writing. Have I told you so already? 😀

Now it’s time for dinner. Tonight I have prepared a super good gluten free pizza. I have been making pizzas almost every day during this quarantine time and I now consider myself better than Sorbillo, the super popular pizza guy in Italy. Just kidding…I don’t want to find Sorbillo at my doorstep tomorrow.

So…I guess I’ll see you tomorrow. This is becoming a daily appointment. Talk to you soon.

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