Tiramisu Recipe

My dear friend Olga asked me to remind her about the wonderful recipe to create a delicious tiramisu. My friend, no worries, here is the mighty recipe and…let me know how the tiramisu will be!


Here it is the mighty tiramisu recipe! It’s very simple.
2 boxes of savoiardi cookies (don’t use other cookies, just savoiardi)
500 g. of mascarpone (I prefer the one branded Galbani)
6 eggs
150 g. of sugar
coffee (it’s very important, take Italian coffee, to be prepared with moka)
separate the yellow from the white of the eggs
put the yellows together with the sugar and mix it with a frusta (http://www.magazzinirossi.net/images/frusta.jpg)
after having mixed it up (you have to work for some time, it has to become like a real mix), take all the whites of the eggs and put them in another container and work them with the frusta (clean the frusta very well before doing this…just some yellow is enough to cause problems with the whites) until the whites become a sort of foam. In order to understand if you have worked the whites enough, try to rotate the container: if the whites do not move and do not fall, they are ok; if they move, you have to work them again.
when you have finished this, take another container and put inside the mascarpone and start working it with a fork. after some time, put the yellow with the sugar already mixed and mix everything together. when all the ingredients are mixed, put some of the foamed whites and start mixing them veeery slowly. keep on putting the whites until the mix becomes a cream. it has to be creamy but not too liquid.
when you have completed the above steps, you have done the most difficult part.
now take a container for your tiramisu and take the savoiardi (http://www.teitelbros.com/store/images/savoiardi.jpg) and the coffee made with the moka (http://whatscookingamerica.net/Beverage/MokaPot2.jpg). make the first level with savoiardi: just put them veeeeery fast in the coffee and place them one after the other. when you have finished, put some of the cream on them (half of the cream). make another lever of savoiardi with coffee. put the other half of cream.
it’s almost done. put some cocoa powder on it using a colino (http://lh4.ggpht.com/nardishop/R4vSUsy27gI/AAAAAAAAAgo/_Vwfn22Ee0U/COLINO.jpg).
put the tiramisu in the fridge. wait for an hour.
eat it!!!

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