Living in Japan

Almost five years ago, I decided to leave what I had in Italy and I moved to the United States. The basic idea was to experience life there for a year, while studying to get an LL.M. degree at UC Hastings in San Francisco. The experience was so amazing that I decided to stay there indefinitely.

Five years later, I had been lucky enough to experiment again with the idea of leaving your place to try another place. This time it will be for a much shorter time but the time will be enough to experience life in another country. In fact, for a couple of months I will be living in Japan, Tokyo, where I will teach International Business Transactions at Temple Law School.

Moving to another country reminds me the excitement of seeing new things, before these things become normal. I recently observed how everything in the US feels like home to me now. I remember how impressed I was about anything, during the first days of my arrival: from small things, such as the shape of yogurt containers, to bigger things, such as the respect for disabled people. Nowadays I don’t even notice these things because they are now part of my regular day.

Now in Japan everything is new and I am flooded by surprise and I love it. I will use my blog to report all the strange new things I will see. I have plenty of time to observe them, two months is the perfect time to experience ordinary life in a country.


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