Peep Show by Joe Matt

Joe Matt is one of the most interesting cartoonist of this century. He is the author of Peep Show, a comic book series made of 14 issues. The series is autobiographical and it tells the story of Joe when he was living in Canada, hanging out with his best pals and popular cartoonists Seth and Chester Brown.

Peep Show is a completely crazy comic book. Maybe it’s Joe Matt that is crazy but anyway the stories are so crazy and awkward that they are super interesting and fascinating. You will read about erotic fantasies of the author, talks with his friends about life, comic books and porn. You will also learn how to pee in a bootle and many other interesting things.

Seriously, Peep Show is a comic book that you should buy, if you love independent great comics. It is a pity that Joe has not been publishing anything in the last few years and I really hope you will soon surprise us and release some of his works.

Joe, if you are reading this post, please publish some new material, organize signing parties, etc. You have many fans and they are all crazy about you.




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