Hello, Ladybug!

My Ladybug Friend

Today I had a wonderful surprise. Everything began in the morning of a strange Saturday, when clouds full of rain were filling the usually blue sky of Santa Monica, in California. Together with my wife, we went to visit the local farmer market, a beautiful place where all local farmers gather together to sell their organic and super fresh vegetables and fruits.

As usual, we bought a lot of things, delicious peaches and nutrient vegetables.
As soon as we came back home, I started cooking for lunch and I took one of the romana salad that I just purchased from the market. Instead of cutting its leaves all together with a knife, I decided to start ripping one leaf after another, given that the salad was very big and I did not want to waste any of it.
Imagine my surprise when, ripping after ripping, I suddenly found on the salad a beautiful and colorful ladybug. In Italy they say that when you find a ladybug, luck will strike you. This time, I am sure big luck should strike me because of the special way I found out my new friend, the red and white dotted ladybug. I was to thankful because I decided to rip one leaf after the other. If I would have cut the salad as usual, I would have probably killed the poor ladybug and the same thing would have happened, should I have not decided to have a delicious salad just that day: the poor ladybug would have frozen in the fridge.
After discovering her, I stepped out of my house, I gently took it and put it over one of the leaves of the tree we have at our place. Before leaving for her new adventure, she turned over, she looked at me and she whispered “thank you, my friend”. I waved my hand and I came back home.
I wonder where my new friend is and I wish her a great life 🙂

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